Are you upskilling and reskilling your team through inclusive, diverse learning pathways?

94% of employees would stay longer with a company that invests in their continued training and growth and 80% of leaders say that new training techniques are a priority - Forbes, March 2021.

At Edstutia, we help organizations offer exciting and engaging training content that helps them embrace digital transformation in their learning and development offerings.

Edstutia is an online learning platform offering modules at the intersection of business and technology. Our content integrates live online learning with virtual reality and augmented reality-- emerging technologies that employees are already using in their personal life and excited by in their training.

Learning with us is multi-modal, stackable, and hands-on: by engaging multiple intelligences, we make the learning journey diverse and inclusive. Our modules flex and adapt to rapidly evolving workplace demands, and prepare employees for jobs of the present and future.

Change your training offerings from a must-do check box to a can’t-wait-to-do immersive, communal learning experience. 


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