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Whether power skills or hard skills, immersion catapults the learning experience and improves outcomes. 

And XR is the greatest value for people-centric skills. 

High Impact

Dale's Cone of Experience shows that doing leads to 90% retention, compare that to only 10% for reading. 

Low Risk

VR offers a safe and enjoyable space for learners to practice, experiment, and master skills and mindsets.

Future Forward

Employees want more from their training and XR prepares them for the new demands of the workplace. 

The Power of Immersive Learning

Combining experiential learning with immersive technology leads to optimal learning outcomes. 

By providing hands-on experience in a virtual environment, learners can fully engage with the material and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. 

Up to 90% of material is forgotten 1 week after traditional training
VR learners train up to 4x faster than classroom learners
An 8-hour session can be cut down to 15 minutes using virtual reality training
VR learners are up to 3x more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners

What People Are Saying

Brigitte Opel Consultant & Lecturer on Intercultural Communication

"When you enter the space, it is exciting to explore and look around. You’re still playing although the situations get more and more serious. In the end, you take your reflections back to the real world and apply them there.”

Dana Salkowsky Director of Center for Teaching & Learning at SUNY Orange

"The course structure is progressive and provides an engaging structure in which to learn."

Daniel Sisson Co-Founder & CEO CyberHub Syndicate

"It was a massive amount of insight from both the instructors and my fellow students in such an enjoyable period of time."

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